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Strong interpersonal relationships are key to success, health, wellbeing, and overall satisfaction in life.

Romantic Walk in Sunset


We teach evidence based practices and skills, and coach you in their application within your most important and intimate relationships.  Gottman(r)  online assessment is available and recommended.  

Festive Party


Interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence are the most important drivers of life satisfaction and wellbeing.  We can help you with skills to connect, influence, negotiate, and generally to respond strategically in ways that serve your long term interests, rather than reacting emotionally in the moment.

Psychological Wellbeing

 Young Woman Contemplating

Reducing or eliminating depression and anxiety can improve all parts of life including relationships, careers, parenting, decision making, and general health.  We use evidence based Cognitive Behavioral techniques to help you remove barriers to living the life you want.  

Informed Consent 

4/6/2020 . Please read and acknowledge by email 

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