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Individual therapy:  Stress, mood, peace, happiness, connection, meanng  

Nothing is more important than how you feel --  your overall satisfaction in life.

Romantic Walk in Sunset

Depression and Anxiety

Nothing is more important than how you feel.  All the pursuits in life are about making us feel happy, at peace, connected, secure, and fulfilled.  Paradoxically, what we have the most control over is how we feel inside.  Learning to master our emotions allows us to be more in control of our lives.  

It is possible to learn both how to feel immediately better using brain hacks, breathing techniques, boundary-setting, mindfulness, and cognitive reappraisal.  

Many people benefit from delving deeper into the "why" of how we feel:  Understanding our habitual ways of interpreting our world and experience, how that affects us, and where those interpretations come from, as part of more profound and enduring change.

Festive Party


Interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence are the most important drivers of life satisfaction and wellbeing.  We can help you with skills to connect, influence, negotiate, and generally to respond strategically in ways that serve your long term interests, rather than reacting emotionally in the moment.

Going Deeper

Making the most out of midlife -- living it to the fullest possble

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

The Third Act:  Midlife and beyond


There is so much to love about midlife. It almost always heralds changes -- both new freedoms and opportunities, and also new limitations and the need to change our perspectives and focus on mental, physical, relational, and fiscal health.

Engaging all the compelling questions that go with this part of life is important to living well and not feeling stuck, like you are missing out, or lacking in meaning.  Therapy is a great way to engage this journey.


Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy

Stay tuned.  There is burgeoning interest in the power of psychedelic  medicine to aid in breaking out of stuck, unproductive ways of thinking, acting, and feeling.  It has been shown to facilitate breakthroughs in treatment of depression, anxiety, addictions, PTSD, anger management, and relationship problems.

No, it's not recreational drug use.  It is a rigorous, impactful therapeutic and medical treatment that consists of a conscientious partnership between therapist, patient, and prescriber.  It is a significant investment and commitment to deepening your happiness and effectiveness in accurately understanding yourself, your relationships, and the world around you.

I am especially intrigued with its relevance in assisting people transitioning life stages, and couples seeking transformative change.

More to come.

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