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Life's sweet spot: 
50s, 60s, and 70s

Loving Living your Third Act

Making the most out of this much-anticipated life stage 

Our later adult years are our life's sweet spot. They are the years we prepared for all our lives.  We are wiser, braver, and can be more free than ever before.                                        

Are you set up for success in the transition to what could be the best -- or worst- part of your life?

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Meet with a therapist to evaluate your readiness and make a plan

Consider Couple Therapy to Enhance Your Primary Relationship

How We Can Help 

Knowledge (and Action) = Power

Our approach starts with an assessment of general mental health. Then, together we evaluate the status of your current capacity for healthy aging, by reviewing the following nine domains, including our proprietary online self assessment:

  1. Physical Health

  2. Close Relationships

  3. Financial/Social Determinants of health

  4. Satisfaction

  5. Intentionality

  6. Peace/Spirituality

  7. Legacy

  8. Social Connection

  9. Active mind

You have the ability to impact all of these areas, and knowing where to start helps us to take action to living our best third act.  We are available to help establish your action plan and support you in implementing it.


Take the brief self-assessment here

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