Hi!  I'm Alex

I have been fortunate to work with human behavior -- fueling individuals;, families', and organizations' development and realizing their potential over the past 25 years.  I've had wonderful opportunities to work with talented mentors and top-notch tools. 


Some highlights:  

  • Executive in operations for a behavioral health insurance company

  • Senior Consultant with DDI, certified at "Super" Master trainer level in Targeted Selection and leadership Learning Systems

  • Former software engineer

  • HR Director in large Financial Services Company

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, former examiner for licensing board


We love to:

  • Help partners realize the full, healthy, potential of their relationships by teaching the skills and providing relationship coaching and counseling for their successful implementation

  • Help executives and organizational leaders to assess and develop their competencies for success in present and future roles.

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Alexander Mackenzie, MFT . linkedin.com/in/alexxjm

California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist MFT 29374

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