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Equity Matters

Disparities in service delivery and outcomes, especially in healthcare are associated with higher costs, poor patient/client acceptance, and loss of business. 


Verna Myers

  • Our Path to Equity


  • Understand impacts of disparate treatment on patients and business

  • Cognitively understand and recognize institutional bias, unconscious bias, and consciously held beliefs which impact services

  • Shift attitude toward our own, and institutional bias from defensive to curious and open

  • Discover learner/employee hidden biases

  • Learn skills to have non-defensive, constructive dialogue about how bias manifests in service delivery and outcomes

  • Embed continuous improvement of equitable, culturally sensitive treatment within your organization's culture

  • Measure the results

Foundational Principles:

The people nearest the problem are most likely to know the solutions

Therefore, our approach empowers inquiry and collaborative innovation at the team level 

Employees will most vigorously implement initiatives they came. up with, themselves.

Therefore, we help you capture the positive results they create so taht they may be communicated, celebrated, and rewarded

Equity in the workplace is a precursor to improving equity for patients/customers

Therefore we start by teaching employees how to recognize the ways bias impacts the workplace, and accept that we all have biases we can work to overcome

Like all other initiatives, it must use resources efficiently.

Therefore, to keep costs down, we don't reinvent the wheel. Where possible, we use evidence-based public domain resources as part of our program.

To be sustainable and impactful, it must become part of the culture of the organization


Our Service Approach

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